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intake gasket problem. need advise!!

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Doing a hci swap on my 89 gt. Trick flow 170s, stage 1 came, trick flow valve train, performer 5.0 intake. My problem is the intake gaskets wernt matching with the intake ports the way i would like them to. (Fel-1250) im real particular and its not off by much, but if it has any problems in the future ill revert back to not fixing this hahah. Can i trim these? And what is the easiest way to do that? Thanks in advancw for the help.
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what do you mean by they arent matching up? are they not lining up with the intake runners? i dont remember what gaskets TFS recommends but i went with fel-pro q1262 on my 190 wedge heads.
It has a few of the ports "offset" just a little bit maybe 1/16 of in maybe i installed them wrong. Upside down?? I put the little o rings twards the intake flange...
1250 is Gasket for the 170 Heads.

Try triming the area on the lower ends of the intake gaskets. The section of the Intake gaskets that match up and fit sinto the lip of the exposed headgaskets until they line up.
Thanks!! I didnt even think about that!!
If you can line up the gaskets by hand and they match the intake ports you might try this method of holding the gasket in place while installing the intake:

Use four studs, one in each corner of the intake manifold holes in the heads, and Gaskacintch on the surface of the heads to "glue" the intake gaskets in place. Use The Right Stuff on both ends instead of the cork or rubber gaskets that come in the gasket kit and a light smear of rtv around the water ports on the head side and the intake side of the intake gasket. All of the head gaskets that I have installed have a small tab at the front and rear that interlock with the tab on the intake gasket. You can slightly bend the tab up or down to position the intake gasket before applying the Gaskacintch.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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