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installation of Moroso wheel studs into sn95 hubs

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I'm trying to install a set of 3" Moroso wheel studs (#46185) into a pair of Advance Auto replacement sn95 wheel bearings/hubs... do I need to drill these out to fit these studs?

I don't think the 'knurl' of the studs are going far enough in, the splines still have a ways to go before contacting the hub. I have the stock studs that came in the old/stock hubs and they are the same, while the new Advance Auto studs will slide right in to the start of the splines. Maybe the replacement hub & studs combo uses a smaller knurl? so I'll need to open them up to .580", which is a 37/64" drill bit?

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The hole diameter in your SN95 hubs is already 0.580". Slightly larger than 37/64" (0.578"). The next size up drill bit is 19/32" (0.594"). This is too large and will result in zero press fit. The 46185 studs can be pressed directly into the SN95 hubs. You should put a chamfer on the back side of the stud holes before pressing them in. This will make sure that the studs start straight and end up in the center of the hole.

I wouldn't try to pull the studs into the hubs with washers and a lug nut. You may damage the stud due to the large interference fit between the stud and hub (0.014"). If you use a proper stud install tool (hardened washers, hardened nut and antiseize) you may be able to pull the studs in.
Jack rocks. Keep up the great work Jack. Thank you for all that you do.
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