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Is the point system in your classic Mustang breaking again? Upgrade to one of the Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignitions and experience reliable, dependable performance every time!

Over thirty years ago, Pertronix developed the Ignitor Electronic Ignition to replace troublesome break point and factory electronic ignitions. The Ignitor is not only self-contained, dependable and maintenance free, but it installs quickly and is nearly undetectable under the distributor cap. As an additional benefit, it also increases horsepower, improves fuel economy and extends spark plug life in your 1965-1973 Mustang. It works with most point-type coils, but optimal performance is achieved with a Pertronix Ignition Coil.

The Pertronix Ignitor Electronic Ignitions are available in three different flavors. The standard Ignitor is typically for stock/street cars, while the Ignitor II features many of the same features of the Ignitor, plus a microprocessor to better maintain peak energy throughout the RPM range. The Ignitor III electronic ignitions take it a step further with better performance, working best in performance and racing applications. CJ Pony Parts sells numerous parts in each Ignitor series, depending upon the configuration of your Mustang.

In this week’s installation video, Bill shows you how to install the Pertronix Ignitor system into your Mustang. He gives you a great overview of the product and detailed step-by-step instructions, so you can install this part yourself, in less than a half hour. Check it out.

Special thanks to Pertronix for the parts!
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