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Im looking to do 2 different builds and can't decide what one to do.
First off all of the things that will stay the same:

1995 mustang gt, 347 stroker stock block for now, Afr 205 Heads, trick flow r series intake, t5 Tranny, 3.73 gears, bbk equal length shorty headers, bbl off road h pipe. Don't have a cam in mind for either but will be a custom one for the build.

Build 1: Turbo
9:1 cr looking to do 6-8 psi until i upgrade my block on3performance turbo kit and supporting parts

Build 2: Naturally Aspirated
Bumping up my compression to 11.5:1

Here are my 3 questions for each
1 What hp will this make roughly? (i know without a cam its hard to tell)
2 Will it be street drivable i.e. has to run on 91 octane in the high altitude of utah
3 What are the drawbacks of each?

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Nice choice with the AFR 205 heads and TFS-R intake. The R will need to be ported only flows 270cfm OOTB. AFR 205's flow over 300cfm. intake needs to flow more cfm than the heads. also the R will need the intake ports port matched to the heads.

The BBK shorties will put a cork in ur power output. You need at least 1 3/4" LT's.

With the right H/C/I and exhaust setup and a custom tune u might see 400rwhp/400rwtq on 11:1CR and 93 octane.

I have both a NA coupe and a SC 2006 Pontiac GTO with 8 1/2 lbs of boost that I drive on the street.

supercharging is way more fun. I have 500rwtq @ 3000 rpms.

I'd opt for the S/C 347. S-trim and 10-12lbs. keep the rwhp @500.

u can also opt for having ur stock block hard filled. My 347 coupe's block is hard filled, run an oil cooler and twin electric fans.

Eric Cady from CHP had a coupe with a stock block 331 stroker that was S/C and consistently put down over 600rwhp. that engine took alot of abuse, street and track, and lasted 3-4 years.
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