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To anyone who can help, just got done with building my 95. To make a long story short, just did all this work, first time cranking after makeing the swap from my fox to my 95. Turn the key, and with in 10 sec the motor is wanting to start, with little pop, try it again, and another 10 sec the motor is running, but with a awful exhust leak, I thought. Turn it off, put in some water, look down and water is running out of the car, start looking and I have freaking blown head gasket. Only thing I can figure, I notice yesterday, when I went to test the fuel system for leaks, one of the injectors, was wanting to still spray with igntion off I thought, pulled the injector out, tested with a batt. and sounded like it was clicking on and off. Even put a air line on it, with no power, and nothing leaked. Reinstalled, hooked everything back up, got out as much gas as I could, reinstalled everything. WENT to crank rest is history. please any info can help, How do I test to see if I have a bad injector. Like I said seems like it was still spraying after turning off igntion. Please anything.

in a nut shell this is my combo: S trim (2.95) TFS TW heads, ported cobra, 42s, 80 c&l, luniati 501014, mondo setup w/afm power pipe, 89 stock bottom end w/arp bolts everywhere,complete aeromotive fuel system, behind a AOD-E w/ 3.73 and 17's and 315s
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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