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Info Needed 351w Driverside YSi

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I searched but didn't quite find the info I Was Looking for. My goal here is to have a driver side Mounted YSi with renegade bracket and a Kurgan Brace on a 10 Rib set up. Im on the fence about AC and/or power steering due to the vehicle being a "street Car".

Q: is there a renegade Driver side Bracket? I looked on Vortech's site and didnt see one, other source to get it?

Q: Carbonite Pulleys Yay or Nay? Source?

Q: Anything you see that you don't think will add up?

*This Will Go into a Fox, It Will have a Billet wheel. Intercooled On Meth

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Vortech finally got back to me. This is going to be fun.

//End thread//
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