INCON 800TTi Twin Turbo kit for Foxbody Mustang. I took the kit off my car a month ago as I’m going to a new setup. This kit is ready to bolt on. You’ll need a notch plate and I can send you measurements and pics of mine if needed. The turbo assemblies were rebuilt by Limit Engineering in Arizona about 5000 miles ago. There’s no excessive play in the turbo shafts. This kit put my car in the 10’s with a stock shortblock and cam. You can easily produce 500rwhp. The passenger side wastegate produces a small ticking noise between idle and 1500 RPM under no engine load. I imagine it can be repaired but it’s only a minor thing so I never took care of it. 1993 engine mounts won’t work so you’ll need earlier model ones and I used solid mounts. I’d prefer a pick up as there are lots of bulky parts but I’ll ship at buyer’s expense.

Kit includes:

GTBB35 turbo assemblies
Intercooler and brackets
Air filters
All silicone tubing and clamps
Pro-M 75mm MAF
42 lb/hr injectors
All oil and coolant fittings
Boost control valve and hoses
Instruction manual
ARP exhaust manifold bolts
Engine mount spacers
Spark plug wires - should be replaced but I’ll provide them for reference
Oil pan already tapped - if requested
Misc hardware
Missing a couple bolts and a small hose clamp - all available at a hardware store