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Let's start here and this is NOT directed to anyone.

1. On Learning: John is correct. The new Pro-M Insight does in fact learn. It sees an issue, corrects for it and it REMEMBERS what it did to correct the issue.

2. On the old Pro-M U-tune if it sees an issue, it will correct for it but it will correct for it over and over again and it never learns what it did.

3. No tuning required: It may depend on your setup, as John mentioned above. My setup required none to get the car started, idling and driving without issue.

4. You can purchase the majority of my setup from Summit Racing except for the camshaft, Pro-M EFI and injectors. As I said above, my car starts, idles and has awesome drivability but I use OEM/Ford Motorsport electrical components, and my vehicle is well maintained.

5. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: I remember when people complained there where no instructions and now that there are detailed instructions no one reads them. If something isn't clear, call or email Chris Richards, I called a lot in the beginning.

6. Fix what you KNOW is not right and you'll thank yourself later because you won't have to try to tune around your problem. I can't stress this enough.

7. The Pro-M EFI system is not magically. It can't fix an improper setup or owner stubbornness. Again, not directed towards anyone.

8. If you're not sure what variables to put in a variable list or scope function, call or email Chris. Or you can always ask a few others here.

Sample scope function. Grab as many variables that you think may be important to you. If a variable isn't there during your data log, add it and you'll have it for next time.

I grab the variables I want to look at and sometimes break them down into smaller graphs (easier to look at). Trust me, this stuff is not rocket science, and I'm not that smart, use and experiment with the software, the more you use it, the more comfortable you'll be navigating through the software.

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post screen captures of your logs

make sure you have


ISC, spark, throttle state

and, RPM, desired rpm

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Ok let’s get back
my question was “Any tips on idle setup with turbo, im having trouble with X”

answer. There isn’t anything different that needs done. I raised my idle speed up. Speed is now 850. Fan ”on” cycle time is less. re verified there wasn’t anything else wrong with engine And followed procedure Listed in instructions after new harness was installed

question 2. Idle is setup let’s take car for a drive. Acts funny when coming to a stop sometimes dies.

answer. Testing revealed I could duplicate issue at idle in garage. Double checked for vacuum leaks on accessory side with vacuum pump. Fuel pressure regulator would not hold vacuum,leaked From adjustment screw (Thanks John), repaired. Didn’t solve issue But I feel better.

deicded to unhook iac and spout connecter. Idle dropped substantially( 300-350 RPM). opened throttle screw so it was at 750. Hooked everything back up. Cleared adaptive And check engine light.

took for a drive and everything is ok. Its at a ”strong” 850. you cant tell when fan comes on by engine sound. when pulling up to a stop (With clutch in) engine speed goes up a little until completely stopped. perfect for what I wanted. I never felt it was going to die on me.

an FYI. I never thought anything was wrong with management. More of a if someone has worked though this on their motor. idle speed and double checking directions were good suggestions.
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