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Re: Re: Interested in burning chip info plz

stangPlus2Birds said:
I think that MOST people that have responded REALLY want a Tweecer RT. Sorry, IMHO, it's STUPID for people to THINK that they can "just program" for some great HP.

Really people, unless you have USED and TESTED with a Tweecer, EEC Tunner, PMS, etc, you are ASKING FOR PROBLEMS.

Maybe you want to make random changes to MS windows also? At least there, you'll just crash your PC and not ruin your engine.

Also, if you are looking for to tune a single car and you can't afford a Tweecer/Tuner/PMS, then FORGET IT! Or, have a PROFESSIONAL do a chip for you.
Why do your posts always have to be so condescending?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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