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I located a set of rear disk brakes off a LSC at my local yard. The brakes look like they were serviced VERY recently and would only need to have the rotors resurfaced and new pads and thery would be good to go. They have a reputation for selling parts cheap so i was thinking instead of spending my day stripping the rear in the yard, why not buy the entire rear end?

Then i could leisurely take it apart and get all the parts i need. Or should i just get the brakes and leave the rear there?

In the end, could i swap my drums and 4-lug axles into it and sell it as a complete rear? Or am i better off selling the housing as it is? Would the parts interchange and what gears come in the rear?

No, swapping the rears is not an option..The brakes will be going on the ends of my current rear.
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