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Hello all, yes this is maybe the millionth time you've heard this question!

I'm just trying to get a more specific answer. I have a 97 car with a supercharged coyote in it (VMP 2.3L Gen2R) and since it dropped a lifter I'm going for a simple rebuild.

Forged internals, obviously, but what about the bottom end? I've heard the typical "the crank is good for over 1k hp" but what about the actual hardware? Does anyone know someone running near 4-digit numbers with stock bolts or is it JUST the crank, and you still need main cap studs?

My machine shop is just extremely backed up. Main cap studs put me back a few months for a line hone.

I'm also not planning 900-1000hp all the time, I know thats a risk on an unsleeved gen 1 block. I want to sit comfortably at 850whp on an Ethanol tune and maybe hit 700 on pump gas.

Also, if you want, give me opinions about compression ratios since I can change them with the new internals! Haven't talked to a tuner yet about it.

Blake Hammond

Heres a little image of the car for you guys:
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