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This question is for all you guys running Non-Roller 351w motors. What kind of HP and ET's are you guys getting out of your Mild to Race motors with a Hyd. Flat tappet Cam?

I am posting for my Best Friend that is not a Registered Member of Corral. But I would love to know also.

Please post your Head/Intake and Cam if you can.

We are trying to decide weather to go with a Retro-Fit Roller or a Hyd. Roller with reto-fit Lifters. But if we can stick a Hyd. Flat cam in the motor and still get good results, than that is what will be done.

The combo currently has:

+0.030" C9 351w block
Eagle I-Beams
Stock Crank 10/10
KB Pistons (10.4:1 with 64cc)
Stock 351w heads
Edel. Torker II intake
Holley 750 DP
T-5 5-speed
3.08 Gears

Fun to drive street machine.

What Cam for this Car??? :confused:
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