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How bad are stock valveprings for D8OE heads ?

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With my new cam, I was wondering if I could use the stock D80E springs or if I needed to get slightly stiffer ones. The lift is only about .040 higher on the intake and .012 higher on the exhaust, so I figured it would be ok. If I did actually need new springs, what are some you guys recommend? Ny stock ones were about 1.695 in tall (installed) had an O.D. of 1.430, and had an I.D. of about 1.030. I really don't want to machine down the spring pocket, especially because I'll be pouring money into crap D80E heads, or slightly better but still cheap E7 heads. (I know, I know, GT40 is the way to go, I'm just on a tight budget right now.) It's a lot to get, but if you guys could help a brother out it would be great!
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What type of cam? Which cam? What are the spring requirements for your cam?
Google the differences.

7's are fine for your combo, just need the matching retainer.

E7's have different valve tip lengths. Most kits specific for e7, gt40 and gt40p will have specific locks for the intake and exhaust to make up most of that difference then you will have verify installed height.

If your spring specs to 1.700 and you are higher you will shim. If you are lower you will have to play with different locks or retainer or combo of locks retainers and shims.

The easy and least expensive kit I know of for lower spring pressures is Alex's spring kit. Call him and ask him what he has for you.
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