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How bad are stock valveprings for D8OE heads ?

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With my new cam, I was wondering if I could use the stock D80E springs or if I needed to get slightly stiffer ones. The lift is only about .040 higher on the intake and .012 higher on the exhaust, so I figured it would be ok. If I did actually need new springs, what are some you guys recommend? Ny stock ones were about 1.695 in tall (installed) had an O.D. of 1.430, and had an I.D. of about 1.030. I really don't want to machine down the spring pocket, especially because I'll be pouring money into crap D80E heads, or slightly better but still cheap E7 heads. (I know, I know, GT40 is the way to go, I'm just on a tight budget right now.) It's a lot to get, but if you guys could help a brother out it would be great!
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You dont have to begin a new thread with every new question you have, you can continue on with related questions in the same one. It makes it tough for those trying to help you to keep abreast of whats going on. Don't be upset after only 1 hr that no one has replied, give people a chance.

Now, the first thoughts that come to mind regarding your question...

Those valve springs turned 30yrs old this year and have god knows how many heat cycles on them. Do you still think they perform to factory spec?

Something else to think about is that there are more factors than max lift to consider when selecting springs... One of them is the ramp rate. Aftermarket cams being more aggressive by nature are likely going to have steeper ramp rates which will also necessitate better springs. They are inexpensive and easy to swap ...not a gamble I'd make.

Im actually not familiar with that head and its flow rates etc, but by the looks of the post above mine, you need to go raid an explorer in a junk yard.
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