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I have been thinking about this for a whil, and I need to ask.....

Currently running a 347 With a A5 gearbox. Use is strip, but also some track use.

At the strip my gearchanges takes too long... And if my memery is correct I have had problems finding the gears, actually.

When it comes to the track, the worst of problems is downshifting. At 7000 rpm I sometimes need to wait for a while With clutch fully engaged before slipping Down from 4. to 3....

However; Things might brighten up this season With a New clutchwire!!!! (The old one had melted bad, metal on metal...)

Down to what I wanted to ask; I am looking at rebuilding the engine and maxing it out some more, which means higher RPM's. Maybe looking at shifting at 8-8500 at the strip (if on the track, I will stay lower...) No steet use.

If Money were no issue and if it was drag only, the Choice would be a lot easier.

The different options I have been looking at are a TKO 600 With faceplating (and other tune- ups...), T56 With faceplating, the GFORCE GF5R; maybe Liberty Equaliser (although this is drag only?? ) or their LSC5000 (which looks promising since it has a H- shift option...) Even a faceplated A5 could work, although the engine will easily og Beyond A5's HP/TQ rating.

The equaliser is a bit pricey, at 8000+. What's the cost for the G-force GF5R?

Car With driver is somewhere between 2000 and 2400 lbs (currently ay the last number, street legal).

Any input would be appreciated!

Hope Your racing-season is getting good....
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