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Car always seems to have a lot of backpressure and when I do a full rev of the engine the exhaust pops with backfires. Sometimes the car just runs real ****ty with no balls at all. It has the low end torque but thats it, as you go up in RPM's the power just isnt there.
What it truely feels like is almost like someone is almost like as if someone is holding their hands over the exhaust and it just cant get out. Like their is something just clogging up either the airflow or the exhaust. Its almost like it just wants to pop free but its stuck. Hard to explain. But the power isnt there at all like it should be
Also when this is happening the the car is running hot which it usually in any kind of heat at all and will ping in higher rpm's.

What's weird is every once in a while it will run beautifully and the car will go like a bat out of hell, its like night and day. but most if the time it runs this other way, and it all goes together it runs hot and it seems like it just cant breathe in the high rpms. Feels as if the cats are clogged again.

However about a year ago, I still had my stock H-pipe on even though I had MAC headers and MAC Cat back. Anyhow, the car got to a point where it would barely run and had no power at all. What happened was the cats were totally clogged.

So they put on a new MAC H-pipe and it initially ran awesome. than it started slowly getting worse and worse again. Also, my fuel filter has been clogged up a few times too.

ANy ideas?

here are my mods:
94 Mustang GT
Edelbrock aluminum 6037 heads
Cobra 1.72 rockers
Cobra intake
BBK 65mm TB
24# injectors
75mm MAF
190 lph fuel pump
kirban adj fuel press reg
K&N with silencer removed
FMS 9mm wires
FMS 3:73 gears
MAC shorties
MAC H-pipe w/cats
MAC cat back
MAC pullies
17X9 Cobra R front 255/45 Bridgestone RE 730's
17X10.5 Cobra R rear 285/40's RE 730's
Tokico shocks and struts
Jamex springs
KB subframes welded in
Car is black with black limo tint
Real burlwood interior kit
Sony/PPI/JBL audio system
(dual 10's sub-box in trunk)
spare tire/jack/rear seat removed
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