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this is why i ask:

last year i cut a best time of 13.68. that was just with 3.73s and a bassani xpipe and catback. i considered that to be really good, especially with a 2.1 60ft.

since that run, i have added a jms chip, steeda subframes, steeda springs, removed the "dogbone" and i run on bfg DRs. well, i have improved my 60ft by a whole lot, thanks to the tires (1.93) but my ET has been crappy! i haven't even come close to the 13.68. i have cut 13.8s, but you would think that with a better 60ft i would blow the prev. time out of the water.

anyway, i have come to the conclusion that a couple of runs missing gears have made me drive the car softer. either that or i'm out of practice since the winter break (no track visits for 2-3 months). i'm just scared to break the trans.

what i'm asking is are you guys really beating the piss out of your cars to cut good times? i generally take it to redline and speedshift it (not powershift...foot comes off the gas). i feel like i should be in the low 13s now. is that unreasonable?

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