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Ok guys, here is the deal. My friend has a 93 GT. He has added a Motorsport 9 lb. supercharger and a B-Cam along with some other drivetrain/suspension mods... He just recently purchased a GT-40 Intake and is lookin to get the GT-40X heads with 1.7 roller rockers. His best run was 13.1 with just the charger and the Cam. He did that run with 3.73 gears....

My question is after he puts on the Heads and Intake, how much power should he be making and what times is he lookin at?

13.1 is only his best time because he doesn't have a helmet and they only let him run once before they kick him out every time we go... (I know, I know lol)....

So help me out guys... Let me know what he can do while he's installin this stuff too... thanks
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