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I'm finally back in a stang after a couple of years on the side lines .I have a 1987 coupe .308 all forged internals stuffed into a Mexican block 302. With a comp 274 xe cam heads are highly worked over 3 bar gt40s .A 76mm turbo with intercooler an older QuickTime turbo kit and a complete aeromotive fuel system . The engine management unit is a megasquirt 3x kit with rasp berry indash cluster. Im more than intimidated by the wiring. Trans is a pa performance trans full manual reverse manual valve body with trans brake a pa 3500 stall antibaloon converter .rear end is just an 8.8 with some axles so it will need to be beefed up .I'm trying to decide which route to go.
1. Continue down the turbo road
2.go with a blower
3.go with nitrous
4.big inch Windsor
Help me decide I want to drive the car and enjoy it but then again I want to make people say damn that pos will run out your life .thanks for all the help View attachment 1061414
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