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im experiencing a powerloss. and its gay! :barf:

the car surges, all the time.

when i go to WOT, it will pull, and then hesitate, jerk, and pull some more. and eventually when the rpms get high enough it will just pull to redline. next gear ....pull, studder, jerk, and pull some more.

but even when its pullin smoothly, it seems like i feel a very slight hesitation even then. thats constant.

also, a few times its shuttered out on me taking off. even slipping the clutch at 2k or more, and itll still jerk like it dont want to go.

i recently (like a month ago) cleaned and reoiled my K&N, and i over oiled it. well i have removed it and hit it with paper towels and such to soak up what oil i could on it. and im sure all the WOT ive had the car at in the past month has sucked the excess off. and when looking at it, and giving it the paper towel treatment, i cant get any oil to come off. so im sure its good now. and ive cleaned my MAF like 5 times since the re oiling. (electronics cleaner and dried with q-tips)

but still surging.

is it possible my MAF has been ruined?

and what are some other things i should look for?

any help is appreciated
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