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Ok, I have done a few small modifications to my car but now I am looking to do a lot more but not spend thousands of dollars. So far all I can think of is a few things listed below but not sure on the measurements of everything and what will be best for my car. Please give me any feedback you can, thanks a lot.

Right now I have mac cold air intake, 3.73 gears, off road h-pipe, 2chamber flowmaster cat-backs, underdrive pulleys, aluminum driveshaft, centerforce clutch

I am thinking of a new head/cam setup but am nto sure what size or product I should go with..HELP on this??

I also plan on buying a MAF meter and throttle body, I think I should get a 80mm MAF meter and 70mm BBK throttle body..right size for me?

I also do want to get injectors, but not sure what size to get..I think 30lbs?

I also need to put new plugs and wires in my car and most people told me to get a 255lb fuel pump and a 180deg thermostat.

Please email me with feedback, opinions or anything. Also, if you think I should do anything else that wouldn't cost me a ton please let me [email protected].
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