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Help installing mechanical oil pressure gauge

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So i bought a mechanical oil pressure gauge from summitracing but i'm not too sure as to how to hook it up.

Summitracing told me i don't need a sending unit since it's not mechanical.
I'm no expert on gauges so if this is wrong, can someone please enlighten me.

Also, where does the line actually hook up to? Do i need to get a separate fitting?

Here's what the gauge looks like:

Is this where I hook up the gauge to?

Or do I remove the stock sending unit and add a T?

Or am i completely off?
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I'll say it before the others do....people are afraid of the nylon line...they have copper ones available that are less prone to melting when in contact with hot surfaces..

I have used the nylon line for a few years and had no problems so it is up to you.

Quick tip. Boil a pot of water and toss the line in it. The line will now be easy to handle and not tightly coiled.

Now onto the gauge..

No sender is needed. The fluid (HOT oil) running through the tube will be giving you your reading.

As to where to put it? Well I am not familiar with those vehicles so I cannot completely make out what I am viewing but it looks as if I see an idiot light sensor with possibly a plug next to it. If that is in fact for a low oil pressure indicator go ahead and remove that plug and first insert any adapter necessary, then your hose pieces. Make sure the ferrell is on the tube to ensure it seals.
The plug you have circled will work and so will t'ing into the oil pressure sending unit. I would advice againts that nylon line though. Honestly it's just crap. It is so easy to rub/melt and then you are screwed when it leaks every where.One car I had it leaked in the cabin and ruined the carpet. I would use atleast the copper line or go with a braided steel -AN type line.
Get a braided AN line. -3AN is perfect but you do need the -3AN to 1/8 NPT fitting on the back of the gauge. This makes it a bitch and a half to mount in gauge pods. I actually had a custom 12" line fabbed up to save space and might just get an electrical next time.
3/8 NPT Tee. 3/8 NPT nipple coupler. Teflon Tape..

*Assemble Tee with coupler. use a couple left handed wraps with tape.
*Remove stock pressure sender.
*Install Stock sender on Tee facing Down.
*install oil gauge brass fitting on the middle facing cabin. tighten it.
* fish the teflon tubing through long the framerail and through the firewall. zip tie it to brake lines away from exhaust manifolds. *punch ordinarily through steering shaft grommet and stash under dash.
*place it where you want. tighten the ferrule on the gauge. voila!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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