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OK, Here's my set-up......

'89 LX with '91 front fenders
FMS "C" springs and Koni Reds
Stock control arms
17x9 Cobra R's w/ 255/45/17's
2 steering limiters on rack.
Baer Track Brake kit with
13" dia. rotors and new knuckle/spindles

I have no rubbing on strut but I rub the fender when cornering
even moderately hard. I put on energy suspension isolators
thinkig this would bump me up just enough but no.

Do these spindles lower the car and are these are the same as the SN95's?

What spings would work well with the Koni Reds and raise me up just enough like a 1/2-3/4"? What about different ball joints?


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