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I have a FFR 1965 427 Cobra Replica. It has a 1990 model 5.0.
I have a B cam, Edelbrock U/L Intake, with Edelbrock heads. 65 TB, with Pro M for and with 19 pound injectors.

I upgraded to a 190 LPH fuel pump. Drove it for a week, then put in new 24# injectors and a used (bought off this forum) ProM 75 Mass Air for 24 pounders. Afterward I drove the car about 2 miles. Then came home to set everything. The schrader fuel pressure relief valve started leaking gas. I replaced this after setting timing to 12 degrees. I set TPS at .97 (was at 1.29!?!?), and set idle. Car starting running poorly. Played around with idle.

Car will not run. You have to pump the accelerator to keep it running. It hunts idle, burps, hiccups, sounds like crap. I got it to barely run then tried to adjust the idle screw. It just sounds so bad I cut it off.

During all of this I have disconnected the battery and computer to reset it.

Does anyone know what I can try next? I just thought about plugs. Maybe I fouled them when the schader valve went bad and maybe set the car too rich and fouled the plugs?

Any suggestions. I need some help. I have had several late models and always kept them running w/o crap like this happening.


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