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i would question the fuel pressure reg. and the pro m. really for the 24lb inj? really sounds like a timing prob. if it ran fine for 2 miles then you changed the schrader and adjusted the timing. are you sure its not 12 deg ATDC?. if you are sure the timing is not ATDC i would......

1) idle the car up enough to run.
2) pull the spout and disconnect the iab
3) disconnect the battery for 15-20 min
4) reconnect battery and start
5) adjust the timing to 10 deg btdc. if it starts to run to fast idle it down and re time it.
6) get it to idle 750-800 rpm. plug in the iab and spout. set tps to .95+or-.

i just went through this. let me know if im on target.
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