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The car is a 1993 Mustang GT. The factory system seems to be a premium sound system and it appears an amplifier is under the passenger's seat.

Folks, I need sum radio! The radio comes on but NO SOUND. I have checked and replaced all known fuses. I am having the biggest problem finding a wiring diagram with labels on the wiring going from the radio to the amplifier under the seat. When I do find one they all just have the color of the wires but not what the wire does or its function. I have even heard there is an amplifier bypass already installed on the stang.

I purchased another amplifier just like the factory one (F3ZF-18T806-BB) to see if it was the problem. When I hooked it up I got the same results: NO SOUND. I witnessed the radio working fine at one point.

I have seen other posts on this but links are broken and some of the pictures are too little. It would be nice to get one of the amplifiers to work but as a last resort I would not mind just bypassing the headache to get some SOUND. Also, do I need to purchase other adapters to make this bypass thing work? I have tested what I believe to be the signal wires going to the amplifier and they all have power. But there is no power coming from what I believe is the speaker wires coming from the amplifier. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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