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These parts came from my 1993 Thunderbird SC.

Lucas 42lb Injectors $275
Injectors have had nothing but BP 92 run through them with Chevron cleaner. In very good shape with less then 2,300 miles on them.

Aluminum Ported Heads Package Deal $800
High performance ported heads with oversized stainless valves(appox. 1.7” intake, 1.9” exhaust) and Crane springs. $200+ worth of machine work and service including: freshly decked and cleaned, checked for cracks and leaks, valve guides machined for high lift cam, new Motorcraft valve seals, fresh 3 angle valve jobs and seats cleaned, and springs pressure checked by Waldron Machine of Lincoln, NE. Includes 4.2l MLS head gaskets, ARP head studs that are already cut to length, and a port matched intake manifold with bung for aftermarket boost gauge. All machine work was done 2,300 miles ago. Same mileage on the MLS gaskets and ARP Headstuds.

Camshaft Package Deal $300
Custom ground cam with .307 max lift, .224/.224 duration. Includes Trick Flow 7.25” one piece chromoly pushrods and FRPP lifters. Mileage of camshaft is unknown, but in good shape. Pushrods and Lifters have 2,300 miles on them.

Magnum Powers Magnaport II Blower $1,150
This was an Eaton M90 originally from my car with approximately 83K miles on it. It was fully rebuilt and ported by Magnum powers, as well as fully polished less then 2,300 miles ago. Comes filled with Ford Synthetic oil, and a billet nut for the pulley. No core required. This thing really screams!


Compete True Dual Exhuast System $500 (Pick up in Nebraska)
Custom bent complete exhaust system. Direct bolt in for factory manifolds. Includes custom down pipes, 2.5” Dynomax high flow cats, 2.5” glass packs for resonators, 2.5” Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers, and 2.5” chrome tips. All pipes are 2.5” aluminized and in good shape. About 13K miles on the system. The mufflers have about 5k miles less on them then the rest of the system.

Stock Bottom End w/extras $350(Pick up in Nebraska)
Stock bottom end from my 1993 SC. Includes oil pan, AOD flexplate, and front cover. Also included are rear main seal, Ford timing chain, crank sprocket, cam sprocket, timing chain guides, and front main seal all with less then 2,300 miles on them. Engine itself has 88,532 miles on it. Ran great when removed. No issues at all. I'll even through in a brand new drain plug for the oil pan :D

Motocraft Crank Sensor $70 and Cam Sensor $50
Genuine Ford parts with less then 2,300 miles on them. Would make excellent spares or replacements!

Motorcraft DIS Module $35
Original from my car with about 88K miles on it. Worked perfectly when removed. Would make an excellent back up!

I accept money orders or Paypal. No credit Cards though!! Please reply here or e-mail me at the address in my signature. Please no PM's, as I don't always check them right away. Most of you guys know me, but for anyone that doesn't, here is my Ebay feedback:T-93-SC

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