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hey guys i am about to purchase a Vortech S-trim. does any one have in information on these units that may help me out a little bit as far as how good they are and will i be able to see 500rwhp with this blower(granted the right setup).
Also how dificult is it to run the oil feed lines is this something that is unbelievably difficult or a big problem?

Please a little info.

But now for the real question.

I want to get my heads ready to go on a new engine that will hopefully be in my car sometime within the next XX months. I want my 2-valve to hit 7000 rpms and build power up to that. will this be possible? and what is the best way to go ahead and build up the heads while i have them here at the house.

Are oversized valves a necessity, or even a solid good idea being that i don't have a hella money to spend(but will if i must)
What springs should i go with?
i plan on going with some custom ground Comp Cams.
i also have been slowly porting and polishing the heads and they are coming out pretty decent so that will also be done.

Thanks for the info i need a little help on getting these things ready to actually make some power.

Louie Panayi
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