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GT40 Tubular Intakes Ported, Injectors, TB, EGR Delete COMPLETE CARB TO EFI SWAP

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MINT GT40 Tubular Ported Intakes COMPLETE EFI Setup 86-93 sbf 5.0 Mustang 302 | eBay

Whats included:

Went Holley 750 carb so wont be needing this anymore. Very beautiful setup. Alittle dusty in pics. Injectors alone are $230 on ebay. Ported GT40 Tubular Upper and Lower Intakes, 75mm CNC EGR delete spacer, 75mm professional products polished throttle body, 1 inch black phenolic spacer, Remanufactured Venom 48 lbs injectors (flow sheet included), stock fuel rails, BBK adjustable rail mount fuel regulator, Stant 180* Thermostat, IAC Idle Air Control Valve, Coolant temp, Intake Air Temp IAT, Throttle Position Sensor TPS, PCV Valve, Fuel injection harness ontop with yellow split loom is also included. Lower intake, thermostat housing, EGR spacer and fuel rails are powdercoated yellow, upper is polished. Parts are still on a 347 Stroker and will be taken off prior to sale ending. Will leave what I can intact when shipped safely. Everything is in almost MINT condition and ALL parts are new including powdercoating and have never been ran, only things that are used are the intakes themselves. There is a different bolt that goes from the fuel rail to the lower intake. Thread is tender and might need to be tapped again. Holds good now but while its off tap it. (see pic) very small ding ontop of upper intake too. Thankyou and good luck bidding on a Custom EFI Setup of a lifetime! Sold as-is. $75 Flat Rate Shipping to lower 48 states.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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