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Hello all,

I have a 99 Grandma Quis that I am beginning to finally work on. The intake manifold is the same part number as the Mustang GT, so any Mustang throttle bodies will bolt on. Its nice that Ford used a square bolt pattern, so the T/Bs can be bolted in any of four positions! (OK, two would point the T/B backward)
I have been scoping out the 70mm models. I know there are other Panther people on this list. What have you done with your T/Bs?
I'm thinking of relocating my battery to the trunk or drivers side to run the intake from the pass side to use more of the Stang aftermarket intake parts. That will require some longer wiring to the MAF. Has anyone tried the 80mm aftermarket Mustang MAFs?
Maybe I should have bought a Mustang instead!! Oh wait, nothing beat getting sideways in a 212" long car!
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