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Hellos all,
Just wished to say I always enjoyed Mustangs since my mother had a 1979 Ghia 4 cylinder she had for years after buying it new. Then remember seeing an 1982 Mustang GT with the huge aero front end screaming thru town. Loved them ever since.

Got married in 2003 in a 2000 Mustang LX with a 6 popper and 5 speed. My southern-belle blonde wife loves cars as much as I do. 0:):wink2:

Now I am disability retired and have a chance to start a Mustang project for me and wife. WAs a truck driver for 8 years then got hurt and ill in 2012.

During a YouTube video binge, she was watching a Foxbody cruise and I asked her which ones she liked. She remarked she liked the body style of the 1988-1993 GT's but in a dark green or blue colour. She didn't mention anything about wheels, but we did agree on it having a 5 speed manual transmission. This gave me some ideas for a 'Bunny's GT project.'

My car I would get would be a 1962 Ford Fairlane 2 door or a wagon, with a FI Motor and 5 speed, just a cruiser. Or maybe if I can find a LTD II fox chassis wagon, that I met my wife in. Either choice would be perfect for me.

Sounds like a good plan yes? When I look for a GT I am not concerned about the paint as I will change it anyways.

My questions are... Is there a specific year between 1988-1993 I should be wary of? Tips or hints? As her GT will be lightly modded, nothing outrageous, maybe mufflers and gears but that's it.

I will be looking into getting the GT and Fairlane possibly in the spring of 2020, when my retirement pay starts.

Thank you everyone for allowing this old gryphon the chance to hang out quietly here.

Kimono Gryphon <><
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