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Grant wheel, Monster Tach, seats, dash, etc.

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I am parting out my 88 road racer so I have limited interior but I do have this:
Grant steering wheel with horn button
5" Monster tach Autometer with piggy back shift light
Complete dash
Old school dark grey cloth seats that are in good shape but have some wear.
Pedal assembly for 5 speed car
Emergency brake handle
Steering column
Door panels
Center console storage compartment (needs cleaning)

Email me at [email protected] or PM me. Thanks!:joy:
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how much for the tach?
pics of steering wheel, seats and door panels to [email protected] plz
You can see the tach and the wheel at . But the seats are not in the pic. They are old school gray cloth seats from a 1984 hatch I used to have. They are in decent shape. No rips, but the drivers seat needs new wiring underneath as they have a few popped. $50/pair seats. Auto meter Tach is like new $80 with shift light. Steering wheel is wrapped because the material began to peel off of grip part. The Grant wheel is in great shape and has horn button $50.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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