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I would have smakced a machanic that spun out it my car. One time my buddy was getting a tranny done at this shop(only reason a shop was doing it is becuse it was a insurance job anyhow we pulled up on the mechanic in my car which he didnt realize that the owner of the car was in the passeneger seat next to me, andhow he did a nice smoky burnout and then was raggining it all the way back to the tranny shop. Needless to say I raised holy hell and my buddy got two new nitto's to replace his futuras and also got a 30 % discount on the tranny work(whicih didnt matter because it was a insurance job but who cares they messed up)
anyhow to hell with breaking in gears what is there to break in? two mechanical gears dont need to "break-in":bs: :blam: :hammer:
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