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HEY guys, like title states I'm looking for a good painter in Mass to paint a new fiberglass aftermarket hood for my built 03 Sonic Blue Gt. Anyone close to the Framingham 01702 area would be great but willing to travel some for a quality paint job.
The Cervini hood I bought for my black 94 was painted by a shop in Ashland Ma and it was HORRIBLE!! I have called some of the local shops and most won't do just a hood or they only do insurance collision repair and paint. I want a quality job done by a shop that knows how to properly paint a gel coated fiberglass hood. The last shop did not and they didn't even spray it in a booth. They sprayed it in an open bay, they did not bake it or prep it correctly and it came out like #####. There was a mosquito in the paint on the underside of the hood, and dust all over in the paint. I all most had to fist fight the guy to get my money back.
Please, someone in my area knows how to paint these hoods as I see them on other cars in town and they look great! So please any referrals to a quality shop or painter would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! I just want a quality paint job for my new hood!!
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