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Get my GT40's Rebuilt or No

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I picked up some GT40 heads from a buddy and they came off a good running motor with a bad head gasket. Should I get them rebuilt w/ a valvejob and shaved 0.030" like I wanted and maybe valveguide inserts or should I just throw in a spring kit (was looking at the kit from Alex's parts) and run them? How much will the listed work cost on average? I'd appreciate any input.
Dan Smith

EDIT: Unknown miles on the motor it came off of. Think it was recently built though. My engine is getting freshened up with a hone and bearings and rings.


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the safest thing is to get them done now and hopefully forget about them for 75k miles.

you can pout some carb cleaner or paint thinner in the ports and see if it weeps or pours out around the valve. any leak is not good.

prices differ greatly, maybe 400.00 for clean, valve job, new seals and all new guide liners if it needs them and .030" off the surface.
Spending more than $150 on them which barely covers the springs is a waste considering aluminum heads pop up used all the time for $600-700
I'll try the carb cleaner method but ^^^those were my thoughts too. I don't wanna spend TOO much money on them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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