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I have a 2001 Bullitt and all of the warning lights on the right half of my gauge cluster no longer illuminate when starting the vehicle (traction control, parking brake warning, ABS, and check engine). The seat belt, battery, theft, and air bag lights on the left still illuminate on starting and then turn off as they are supposed to. Also, the gauges and odometer seem slower to turn on than they used to. Sometimes 15 seconds after engine start before everything fires up.

All of these issues began about a week after my radio was stolen from my car :curses:, so I'm wondering if a forceful removal could have dislodged something which could cause my problems.

I have already run the instrument cluster diagnostic routine (where you hold the odometer button before inserting the key) and only the lights mentioned earlier illuminate during the "bulb" menu. I'm still not sure if that tells me anything about whether the problem is coming from my gauge cluster or the connection to my computer. The diagnostic routine also returns the DTC codes "9356" (Ignition run circuit open) and "d043" (invalid or missing data for traction control), if those are related.

I was wondering if anyone has dealt with similar issues in the instrument cluster and could share some knowledge. Anything would help because I am tearing my hair out with this issue (can't pass emissions without a check engine light)
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