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Early wensday morning 01/21/04 my garage was broken into
and all my performance parts and tools were stolen.The
garage is located in New Bedford Ma and was broken into two
times that night between the hours of 12:30 and 4:30 am.The
pair was spoted the first time and then the stupid [email protected]#ks came
back again for more.I can not say much more because there
is an ongoing investigation on what hapend that night.The
suspects are known to have a history of problems in the area
as I spent my day scouting the area and talking to people.If
someone may have info on what happend or know of the
parts that were stolen.I am asking if anyone hears anything
about this to please respond or call me,there will be a reward
for info that helps get back the parts and/or helps with the
case agains who ever did this.The suspects are from
Westport,Fall River,Seekonk area but will probably try to sell
or get rid of parts away from these locations.I am shure
some of you already have an idea of who I am talking about.
Here is the parts list

1. Edelbrock Victor Jr aluminum heads w/titanium intake valves,
retainers and jesel shaft rockers,heads are fully ported.
Rockers are brand new in the box.
2. R-302 bare block used w/arp studs in main caps,block is
3.Lunati superlite pro billet steel rods 5.4,brand new in box
4.Dynamic c-4 w/Dynamic pan,sfi bell,CSI trani shield all used
5.World Products Dart Sr aluminum heads.Heads are fully
ported w/titanium retainers.Very large exhaust ports
6.Brand new fabricated aluminum sheet metal oil pan.
7.Edelbrock Victor 5.0 intake,ported w/1" intake spacer
8.MSD EFI distibuter,distibuter modual has chip in it where
harness plugs in
9.Brand new GRP billet aluminum rods
10.Jomar pro-series rocker stud girdle
11.Pro-m injector driver
12.Pro-M 83mm mass air and 52# injectors
13.ATI harmonic balance
14.set of Eagle H-beam rods and BRC pistons
15.Crane Gold Race rockers 1.6 ratio
16.Ready Heater torpedo heater 55,000 btu kerosine
17.Misellaneous tools,craftsman wrenches,sockets,air tools,
and other stuff they felt like helping themselves to.

Please spread the word and keep a look out.If you hear
anything let me know,info will be kept confidential if you
choose.We need to catch these guys before they do this to
someone else mabe even you next time.I know there are
people outhere that would love to see them get busted!!!!!
Please email me [email protected]
or call me at 508-989-4031 and please leave a mesage
if no answer.
Thanks Steve

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Wow, sorry to hear about the loss, hope it all ends well!


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Heres a bump for you. TTT

sounds like that was going to be one hot motor. Good luck in catching those idiots.

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Sorry to hear that Steve. I would've cried, passed out then died if i walked into my garage to find all of that missing.


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TTT 4U....can't stand a thief......

(right Cruz?!!!)

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That's one of my worst nightmares. I try and keep my garage door closed at all times in case anyone happens to drive by and see what's inside. Is your homeowners going to cover your loss? Hope you catch these guys and get your stuff back. Best of luck!
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