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My project came to a screeching halt right after I bought all of this.

I bought all of this new this past fall, everything is new in the box except the laptop which was just used to install and activate the Binary Editor and Flash/Burn software from Moates. The software license for Binary Editor is tied to this specific PC and can not be used elsewhere. The .lic file for the license is on the desktop in case you have to re-install windows, you just place it in the Binary Editor folder after re-installing and the software is activated. I'd put it on a USB flash drive for safe keeping, but I can also e-mail you the .lic file if you lose it.

Package includes:
-Moates Quarterhorse (link)
-Acer Aspire E11 (link)
-AEM UEGO 30-4110 (link)
-Binary Editor w/ software license (link)

I have a hair over $700 in this setup, I would like to sell it as a package for $500 shipped.


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