Hello Corral.

By means of extremely bad luck or a voodoo curse my brand new 427w decided to drop a lifter and take out the cam with it. Which is a real shame because on the cam card send to Ed I specifically requested one of his tears be put Into the billet core.

Please keep in mind that The entire build has less then 400 miles on it I think 370 miles to be exact. The owner of astro performance and I put this engine and trans in ourselves in my garage. For those that know Tony. He can vouge for everything about the car. It was NEVER tracked or beat on. It just.. broke. Trans will be for sale as well. Actualy I'll sell as a whole complete drop in package if someone wants a literal turn key solution.

Now, I was supposed to have the engine removed and fixed before my international flight however I just couldn't pull it it time. So I have two weeks before it goes to an engine shop that Ed has recommended and before I do that I figure perhaps someone, somewhere may want this as/is to save themselves some Money.

I prefer to have it fully fixed before sold. But again, someone may want it the way it sits.

The way jt sits is as/is. As/is means... well personally I would replace ALL the lifters to be safe. replace cam And have the entire engine gone through to be safe.

427W Liberator Long block
Internally balanced
Dart SHP block
TFS-R 205 heads 56cc
10:1 Compression
7qt moroso foxbody pan
Hyd Roller / Link bar
Fully ported 351w edelbrock pro-m intake port matched to heads
62# Injectors
4" anderson powerpipe
Fully dressed with ALL brand new accessories, pump, 4g alternator, upgraded syarter, pulleys ac compressor power steering Ect.... all oem ford Motorcraft stuff. All new brackets from LMR all clean all pretty all perfect.
1 3/4 Long tube headers. (Remember those Tony! Lmao)
Flex lite radiator and upgraded fan (the $1k one)

Also have an Astro t5 trans/ bell/clutch / flywheel to go with it. Also 370 miles on it. all brand newall the best you can buy.

Intake can be either an Ed ported 351 edelbrock victor with elbow or 351 ed ported holley hi ram side intake.

Also have FULL pro-m. Efi system with crank trigger. Flex fuel, dual widebands, ignition, dizzy, sensors, fuel rails, 92mm MAF, fuel sensor pressure /vac sensor. the whole thing. Every addon you can buy from pro-m except COP.

literaly drop in, plug in 13 connectors and go (If i sell it fixed of course) ill post more when I get back tonight.

Sorry for typing errors I'll add more details later Tonight, Just getting the word out now.