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I'm in the process of putting the new fuel system in my car for the spring, and I've got a few questions. It's getting redone with a cell, BG pump, big rails and regluator.

The cell has -8 outlets on it. Can I use -8 feed line and not have to worry about fuel supply problems? The pump is a BG King Sumo EFI pump, which is claimed to support 2K hp. Is -8 large enough to support 650-750 flywheel HP?

Anyone know the minimum thickness that the hatch firewall needs to be? I seemed to have lost the NHRA rulebook...

I am wondering, once I get the feed line up to the engine compartment, how I plumb it into the rails and back to the regulator. I think that it needs to be split before the rails, then after the rails back to one line before the regulator, right?

Or would I run the feed into one fuel rail(at the rear), then connect the two front rails, and have the regulator after the line exits the rear of the other rail? I just want to do it the best way I can.

I've got one of those foot long BG fuel filters, do I put it in front of the pump, or after? Or do I need a second filter?

And yeah, this is getting annoying, but should I use a controller for the pump? The car will not see any street time. I'm also a little confused as to the best way to wire the pump, whether I should hook it to the factory wires, or just use a relay and hook it to the battery.

IF anyone has any pictures, and would be so kind, I'd appreciate it to get some ideas. I might post this in the general tech forum too, so please don't jump me for it. I'm trying to get as many answers as I can. And yes, I plan to do a search(after this)

Thanks in advance.
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