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I’ve tried digging around the interwebs but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for so... any help or advice would be appreciated.

Here’s my situation... in the process of assembling parts for an E85 N/A built 2v project I’m undertaking with my ‘99 GT. Car will be track day/fun weekend toy. Not looking for some mega high hp/forced induction setup... just a solid 350+ wheel hp lightweight and tossable track toy. Motor will be a high compression N/A 2v running E85... Trick Flow heads, Eddy intake, etc etc etc. I recently picked up a used ‘03 Cobra tank w/ stock fuel hat. Fuel pumps are shot and will be replaced... here’s where my questions come in. The fuel system is probably the one area of the car I know the least about so any help would be greatly welcomed.

Seeing as how I’m only shooting for, let’s say, 400whp tops, I certainly don’t need some massive dual pump setup that can support 800+hp... total overkill in my case, and most of what I see for the Cobra hat assemblies fall into this category, for obvious reasons. That said, I’m planning on running E85 so I know I’ll need a bit more volume than standard. One question I have... can I run just a single high(er) volume pump in the Cobra dual hat assembly that would support my hp levels? Does the Cobra hat assembly work with just one pump or does it require two? Is there any issue with the voltage requirement a single higher volume pump would pull? Would it overwork the fpdm? I know that two big pumps would need some wiring upgrades and possibly a secondary or modded fpdm but does that still hold true if I only had one pump? Say a single 320lph or something? Or a smaller pump and BAP?
Also, since I’m looking for an E85 compatible pump, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of available options that aren’t designed for high hp/dual pump usage... which again, I don’t need. Is there any issue I should know about with going too large on the pump? Would that be an issue?
Oh, and I’m sticking returnless for now so... bottom line I guess is... what pump(s) should I be looking at?
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