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I know I know Your getting sick of my stupid posts but this car is killing me. 86 GT Nothing fancy. Have a 190lph fuel pump and a new BBK adj fuel pressur reg. Have replaced the EGR, Dist, Cap, Rotor, wires, and plugs. Had a crash on the dist a few months ago. Before that, I was getting about 17 mpg city. When the dist let go. it blew out both mufflers with a big backfire. Have been chasing various problems and fuel eco is down to around 9 mpg ( only getting 125 miles to a tank) I have cleared the computer and retested.KOEO test gave me a 85 Canister purge solonoid and a continoous of 32 for EGR not seated.
KOER code 42 HO2S out of range Always rich. There are no instructions onthe fuel pressure regulator for up or down on pressure and I dont have a guage. Anyone have any insight on this. Wont pass smog due to hi hydrocarbons. Need help bad!!
Thanking you all in advance
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