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These units have true deepcycle charge capability, meaning that they can be completely discharged and recharged repeatedly without weakening over time. This a *very* important distinction that separates the chumps from the champs when it comes to battery performance. There is no easier way to drop 20lbs off the *front* end of your car. Furthermore, it is far stronger, is lighter and smaller than any other unit developed specifically for automobile use. Compare the size difference! Keep it up front in the stock location for a no-brainer install. Or, for max benefits, move it very low or in the back. The unit weighs 11.5lbs and has 360 cold cranking amps. That is enough to spin a high compression V8!

These are $130 and have a service life of 5 years. I do have nice black battery tie downs made for these batteries as well. The dimensions are 5.8x5.5x3.5" !!

[email protected]

Shipping is $10 flat rate in the US and will be at your door no more than 4 days after I get the Paypal.


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