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FS: 94 Cobra Roller - $500

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Guys, I'm out in Florida and can't afford to bring the car here. The place the car is staying needs the car out of the yard by next week.

If anyone wants the car, I'm keeping the wheels, spoiler and hood. The rest of the car is in good shape (needs front end work, see my other post) and there are at LEAST $500 in parts.

So, if some one wants to go pick up the car, let me know.

I'll take $500 for the car. If not, I'll be calling a tow truck the end of next week and it's going to the junk yard.

Still no word on the title, but I'm sure you can either apply for a lost title or even a bonded one for like $100 bucks.

Either way, I need the car gone.

For pics and the full story, see my other post. Do a search for Big Top GT

You can reach me at 954.325.6407.

Thanks guys,

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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