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FS: 1986 LX SSP FHP car, all stock

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I have an all original 86 SSP car with little to no rust that I have redone under the hood and have over $1000 in new parts and labor in. Has all 5 steel 15" rims, center caps, MINT interior, etc. The car needs to fixed, it was hit in the driver side rear 1/4 panel. I have a trunk, tail lights, rear bumper and more for it. Car has alot of new parts..too much stuff to list. Email me for pics and more info. $1800 b/o with extra parts. WILL NOT PART OUT!
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$1500 b/o ...need to [email protected]

Do search in here for pics of it or email me..thanks!
Go here for a few pics...
mustangmaker007 said:
Damn, Dave.. If I wasn't in such a total finincal mishap.. I'd be there tonite.. I'm currently selling my entire collection.. In order to off set my serious family loss..I have 6 stangs and hundreds of parts.. If you'd like I'd trade ya stuff.. If not, no problem.. Those cars are AWESOME and RARE AS HELL... The 86 SSC are real COOL.. I love the OEM LOOK.. I have 2- 86GT's 3- 85GT's 3- LX 5.0 COUPES and 88-92 LX five liters.. and alot of parts.. Pictures are here if you want some.. Take care and GOOD LUCK finding her a good home.. Talk to you soon 518-221-9175 24/7 Jay
Let me know what you have, I'd consider trades possibly for parts or another car maybe. I'm looking into getting a bike maybe..not sure though. I'll have to get ahold of you. Drop me an email with some info on what you have for sale and stuff. Looking for a good home for this car....not many left....should be a car worth something someday. Hate to sell but I have to free up some space.
TTT!!! Need to sell!!!! Anyone????
TTT!!!!!!! MUST SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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