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FS: 1968 Mustang Fastback Rolling Chassis For Sale, w/extras


1968 Mustang Fastback

VIN: 8T02C 19130 8
And here is doortag info:
63A D 2BA 02D 16 2 1

In primer currently, will need to be sanded down, primed and painted again.
70XXX original miles
Titled in NJ (title states 170K but was mistake on DMV's part)
Still has stock rear end as well as front and rear suspension with brakes.
There is NO motor or trans.

Price: $7000 OBO
Feel free to make offers, I will not give it away but I can move on the price.

Location: Southern NJ 08091

Email: [email protected]


Car was being built into a Shelby clone
It already has a Shelby decklid as well as the tail sections, these are included in the sale.

What you see IN THE PICS OF THE CAR is what you get, along with the listed items below.
The extra parts in the pics by themselves are NOT INCLUDED.
These can be bought for extra $$. Please contact me about a package deal.

First off, doing a thorough check of the car while wiping it down quickly...we found a few small holes in the passenger side floorboard. The carpet was laying on it and must have gotten wet at one point. It can be patched or just replace the PS floorboard in front.
This along with the front apron/rail which you can see in pics IS ALL OF THE ROT on the car.
(The standing water was from spraying the hose on the car with no windshield in place)

The car was chemically stripped in 1990. PS 1/4 panel was replaced.
Thats is all the metal work that was done. It was then primed and cut in for paint.
That is when it was put to the side and not brought back out again....

So with that said, here is a list of parts that will be included. I am sure there are some small odds and ends to go with this, and they will all go with it.....

*Interior panels
*Power steering setup with pump
*Headlight buckets
*Trans and motor mounts
*Brown headliner
*Power brake pump
*Floor jack
*DS and PS fenders (67)
*Battery apron replacement panel
*Factory side scoops
*Heater assembly
*Black seat belts
*Radiator with shroud
*Window gaskets (f&r)
*Gas tank
*Stock steering column (2)
*Fold down rear seats (in tan and black)
*Carpets (in tan and black)
*Overhead console, black
*Center console for auto w/ shift indicator(black)
*Splash panels (f&r)
*Splash panel, GT dual exhaust
*Stock headers
*PS stock seat (2?)
*Fastback specific rear corners
*Hood hinges
*Lowering kit with UCA's and springs
*Battery box, new
*Bumper bracketry
*Quad exhaust tips
*Hood pin hardware
*Misc bushings, hoses, etc

Please feel free to ask any questions or come out and look at the car.

Pictures located here: Fastback/

This is a really nice example of a starting point for an awesome project.

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