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the time has come to make a hard decision. no matter how hard i try to justify it to myself, alaska is going to be a big enough challenge without an unnecessary bill. i just cant see continuing to pay $500 a month for a car that i will only be able to drive for 4-5 months each year. with that i offer for sale:

'02 gt ( with 5,900 miles
laser red
5 speed
leather interior
premium package
mach 1000 sound system! (
absolutely beautiful condition

assume loan or get your own financing for the amount of payoff (roughly $21,500). if you have any questions or comments, send them to nathan at

at the same time as i sell this car, im looking for a 94-95 gt with the 5.0 (i can afford a $5,000 project car that i can only drive a few months a year, but not a $25,000 one). if anyone knows of one for sale, a link would be appreciated!

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