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FREE! 2.3 motor 93 mustang

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Come and get a free motor and trans. Ran good when pulled for 8cyl swap. Bergen County, NJ
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I sure wish you were closer. I'd come and get that Engine in a heartbeat!
Since I can't and you want to get rid of it, I was hoping that before you did that you would do my a favor first.
I've got a post (Just a couple down from the top here in fact) where I'm looking for a few parts to fix/finish one of my own.

Here's the list...
#2 Also need the "Complete" T-5 Wiring Harness.
#3 Ignition Control Module (bolts to the front of the lower intake manifold just behind the power steering pump with little 7/32 bolts).
#4 One Piece Water Pump Pulley.

Let me know what would make those parts worth while taking off and sending to me in Custer, SD 57730, I'd surely appreciate it.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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