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Hi everyone,

Thanks again for the help so far getting my 351w into great working order. I have another carb question on I'd like to get right based on everyone's experience.

Again, I'm working on a Carter 9636sa carb (similar to Edelbrock 1400). Right now the carb's canister vapor vent is capped with a makeshift plug. I'd like to know everyone's opinion on the best setup with the vent. Given that it's a 68, I obviously don't have fuel return, and I wasn't planning on adding one. That said, should it be vented to some kind of charcoal canister or re-plumbed in a better configuration?

I'd love recommendations and brands/part #/website links to what you'd recomment. If capping it is the best approach, I don't mind the subtle aroma of gas from time to time ;)

Thanks again!

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