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rxracer said:
94/95 spindles have the same track width as the fox bodys, single piston calipers

96-98 have an 6?mm wider track width, single piston calipers

99-01 have an 8?mm wider track width, dual piston pbr calipers
This is not entirely correct...
I have a 5 lug conversion with 94 spindles and I know everyone on the internet says the 94-95 spindles preserve the stock track, but I have a hunch they push out the wheels just a tiny bit... I have a number of friends with 94-95 spindles who agree... I would estimate that it is a few mm.

The 96-98 spindles will push out the wheels 8mm further than the 94-95 spindles.

The 99-up spindles will push them out even further than the 96-98...

From my experience I would not even think about running anything other than the 94-95 spindles. My 17x8 Bullitts already rub just a bit under extreme load and that would just be made worse with 96-up spindles... I plan to address that with stiffer coil springs and slightly more negative camber.
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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